Now available...The Chambong Stand!

In our continual effort to build all things desired by the ChamFamily, we have released the first official "CHAMBONG STAND"!!! 

You've all been asking for this for some time, and it totally makes sense. 
We all need a way to classily display our Chambongs above the marble mantelpiece , and as the center piece of our Thanksgiving dinners (ok, more like brunch times, but whateves). Personally, I now find myself placing stands throughout the house with filled Chambongs for wandering guests and loved ones. Grandma used to set out M&Ms, I set out Chambongs. I win...Suck on that Grams!

Show off your beloved Chambongs in style with the official Chambong Stand. Made of MDF wood with stainless steel legs, this is the classy way to display your Chambongs. Holds two Chambongs. 

  • Show off your beloved Chambongs in style
  • Wood Stand that holds 2 Chambongs
  • Fits the Classic, "Plastic", and Mini Chambong
  • Some assembly required