Chambong "Video/Photo" Contest - Winners Announced!

Chambong Stand - Win Yours!
Chambong Stand - Win Yours!

Congrats to our photo/video contest winners! The winners of the "Chambong Video/Photo Contest" all won one of these ridiculously awesome "Chambong Stands".

All winners were notified via email (so if you didn't get the email, unfortunately you didn't win).

While we can't all be winners of the contest, we consider you all winners at the game of life. So thank you so much to all the people that sent in your photos and videos. They were so wonderfully fun to look at.

On top of winning the Chambong Stand, the winners also are being features in our introduction "Meet the Chambong" videos...

Contest Winners

  • Jilliana
  • Kyler H
  • Anna G
  • Ashley G
  • Rachel T
  • Sara H
  • Kyler H
  • Shayna R
  • Ashley H
  • Anthony B
  • Paula S
  • Karlie C
  • Lisa S
  • Maria C
  • Jaclyn G
  • Soleil
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