Congrats to our Tweet-to-Win Luxe Contest Winners!

Tweet and Win a Chambong Luxe
Tweet and Win a Chambong Luxe

We just wanted to send a quick shoutout and congratulate the winners of our "Win a Chambong Luxe - Twitter Contest". There was some fantastic response on the Twitter. Seriously gang, we loved the Tweets going out from y'all -- the ChamFamily is probably the most fun group of peeps in the world to interact with. We really all need to get together and party soon. I digress though, back to the winners...

We were going to announce 25 Luxe winners, but we got overzealous picking names out of a hat (or maybe we were a bit tipsy) and snagged 28 winners. So yeah, 28 winners! And one lucky GOLD CHAMBONG winner!

While you are all winners in my book, here is the list of the lucky few:


Grand Prize Winner (Gold Chambong)

  • @kfike00363

28 Chambong Luxe Winners

  • @Chumpy11
  • @carly_von_haven
  • @jaaaar3d
  • @msmonrad
  • @sydnylayne
  • luxetwitter
  • @PhiliponKMJ
  • @Formerfirstlady
  • @rachelmstarr
  • @m0nezz
  • @Bigeyedfish0316
  • @pinacolladoo
  • @whynot_itslogan
  • @sar_lawl
  • @cat_martins
  • @geekpinata
  • @gbunderwood
  • @Kayla_marsh
  • @Heyitsashlyg
  • @DetroitDuchess
  • @C_Stace1
  • @AlysiAlien
  • @Matt_Carlyle
  • @Georgefabs15
  • @captn_morgn
  • @marciabrendum
  • @ArianAdams
  • @Manda_pleaze_
  • @Roseroseroser
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