Meet the designer of "Champy"

Shogo Ota of Tireman Studio
Shogo Ota of Tireman Studio

Everybody loves Champy! And if there's anybody to love as much as Champy, the wonderful elephant logo/mascot of Chambong, that would be its designer Shogo Ota of Tireman Studios.  In fact, before we get too far into this, you should all share this love by going over and liking his design company's Facebook page.

We came to meet Shogo while on the lookout for a designer before launching Chambong last Fall. After giving him some very poor direction of what we thought the logo should be, we finally were just like..."Hey, your artwork is awesome, just go off on your own imagination and style"... and thus Champy was born.

Shogo is one of the sweetest and most wildly creative designers you'll ever meet, so we wanted to share him with the ChamFamily as well as the rest of the world.

Can you tell us a little about your background?

"I failed Japanese University exams - went to Idaho for ESL - graduated as BFA - worked for Modern Dog Design Co. about 7 years - started my own art and design studio, Tireman Studio."

What are favorite logos/designs you've worked on?

"Chambong! and also this big mural for Starbucks community store in Ferguson MO. I flew there for one week and paint everyday on this 12’x10’ door. The only food I could eat there was cold sandwiches from a gas station or fast food, but it was so worth it.

This lady in Ferguson came up to me and asked if it’s true that Japanese people can kick ass. I said yes and she said, “You look like it!” and left. Nothing offensive, I thought it was really funny. You can see the video in my Facebook page too."

Do you have a particular style and how would you describe it.

"I have a lot of style and always change it by client’s requests or when I want to try something different. I just can’t work on something with same style over and over. I really enjoy using different media, paper, size, and other hand."

Have you had a chance to actually "do a Chambong" yet? Any stories there?

"I do have one but I haven’t used it because it’s displaying in my studio space now, so I just opened the box and tried it with red wine. I didn’t know it shoots in my mouth pretty fast! That was a lot of red wine in my mouth. I will try with Champagne next time.

Oh and I’ve been friend with those awesome girls in Thunderpussy and one day I was checking my FB and they are taking Chambong on the stage, all of them at the same time. Small world."

"...Elephants actually get drunk from eating fermented fruits in Africa. It makes perfect sense!"

The Chambong Logo
The Chambong Logo

What was your inspiration behind the design of the Chambong logo and the elephant -- what made you choose the elephant and the colors?

"I am sure Randy remembers this too but we were going for luxury style logos first, but it didn’t feel right. I was looking at the shape of the Chambong and saw elephants’ nose going up as you take the shot. I thought it will be perfect for this product. Drinking is fun, this is a good party goods, and elephants actually get drunk from eating fermented fruits in Africa. It makes perfect sense!"

Any other stories or info you'd like to bring up or things you'd like to promote?

"I’ve been working on a lot of local restaurants and new business owners so please check what I have done and buy local. Support local artists, musicians, small businesses. There is a lot of cool stuff around your neighborhood!"

Tireman Studios
Tireman Studios

If you or your company is looking for an awesome designer, we can't endorse Shogo enough. Shogo Ota established Tireman Studio in 2012 with the help of his wife, his cat, his dog and his bunny. He has been teaching at SVC (School of Visual Concept).

You can learn more about Shogo and Tireman Studios at their website, and of course remember to like on Facebook here.