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An important message from Chambong

As you know, Valentine’s day is coming up, and we here at Chambong are huge haters of dreadful V-Day. We’re big fans of a lot of things. We like candy, and puppies, and champagne, and fantasy football, and the Seahawks (and the Broncos) and our friends, and even our married friends that have kids and we never see you anymore (we still like you).  But we don’t like Valentine's Day. At all. Whoever thought it was a good idea to make people feel bad for not having a date on a random ass day in one of the most depressing months of the year, you can suck it. 


Instead, we want to celebrate being single. Just to spite Valentines Day. So as a thanks for all of your ongoing support of us, we are going to be offering you a single-pack Chambong at cost. The lowest price we possibly can...ONLY $10

So instead of getting greeting cards and flowers, instead get a single (1-pack) for a single (maybe yourself, maybe you have a friend that's single). It'll be the best $10 ya eva' spend:

Hurry, because the fun ends on 2/8/17.