#NationalChambongDay - Because Valentine's Day Sucks

National Chambong Day
National Chambong Day

Let's face it, Valentine's Day sucks... It's a holiday manufactured by the Hallmark corporation to sell more greeting cards. The only thing that sucks worse than Valentine's Day are greeting cards. Even worse, the holiday has evolved into boring expectations of contrived romance (think bad dates), or (admittedly better) staying at home drinking alone to avoid the holiday's aggressive projection of lonely failure onto us. LAME!

It's time for something better. And we're here to save the masses with something better. Something we all want and need. Ladies and Gents, we present to you...

NATIONAL CHAMBONG DAY (#NationalChambongDay) February 14th, 2016 Because Valentine's Day Sucks

This is your opportunity to get-together and do what really needs to be done, and that is bong a fuck-ton of Champagne.

  • Think, a day of celebrating with friends at a Chambong Brunch...
  • Think, a Saturday-Midnight of group Chambonging until the wee-hours, so you can sleep off the 14th in glorious hungover-ness.
  • Think, winning at life!

Help Me, Help You - CHAMBONG SALE

It's time for us all to reclaim this day. To help with this feat, we're offering us the opportunity take that money you were going to spend on stupid flowers and chocolates, bad dates, and greeting cards (eww), and reallocate it to a much better life investment...CHAMBONGS!!!

Starting on Feb 5th and going through #NationalChambongDay (Feb 14th), we are going to be launching a MASSIVE CHAMBONG SALE!!! You are never going to be able to get Chambongs at a price like this again. We want you and your friends to have easy and cheap-as-hell access to get as many Chambongs as possible to help celebrate and make this day a success.

So make sure to stay tuned-in, spread the word, and procure an ample amount of Chambongs. Get ready to make this the most awesome of February 14th that you've ever experienced.