Plastic and Stands and Mini-Chambongs...Oh my!

As a continuation of our "Future Chambong Products" post little while back, we want to stay committed to sharing all the awesomeness that we're continuing to develop.

Chambong Stands & Holders

According to the feedback, people are really into wood and metal stands, so we're of course going to listen and go that route. It totally makes sense, because glass looks so good with those materials. Y'all are brilliant! We just had some visual mock-ups created, which will be shared in the coming weeks, and they look fucking beautiful. This stuff takes time of course, but we're workin' our asses off to get thing rolling quickly.


These little fellows are adorable. We did some early stage "product testing" the other day, and they were a huge hit. Easy enough to put in your pocket, super fun, a new way to drink. We were mostly doing little cocktail mixers in them, and it was incredible, as the different components of beverage would separate and then hit you at different times during the drinking. We're still doing some refinements on this to get it perfect though, so we're not gonna rush this beautiful baby.

Plastic Chambongs

There was a HUGE request from y'all for plastic Chambongs. We get it. They would be super nice for pool parties, bars, etc. Those of you requesting this will be super happy to hear that this is moving along FAST! Like, we may have these bad boys ready in a little over a month! WOOOT!

Stay tuned!