Craig Allen

Product Manager
Craig does a lot in life. He maybe runs maybe about 9 businesses. One of them is for helping people grow pot. Most importantly, he makes all the awesome products get made and enjoyed. We should all write him a thank you card for his work. He's also probably the most positive person you'll ever meet.

Katherine Turner

Creative Director / Community Manager
Katherine does all the socials. And she's an actor in almost all of our videos and photos. And she makes most of our videos and photos. And she does the customer service. That's a lot. She's also maybe the nicest and most thoughtful person ever, so if you ever write our customer service, you should be nice...or at a minimum, include a funny joke in your email.

Twitter: @Chambong
Instagram: @TheRealChambong

Alex Epstein

Business Development / Hugger of Trees
Alex is a Broncos fan, but we forgive him for that because he also does a lot of work in community and political organizing for Climate Justice and Environmental sustainability. So that's cool. In his free time, Alex is a part time Entrepreneur, Musician, and Malt liquor enthusiast.

Twitter: @_alexepstein


Harrison Neel

Glass Artist Extraordinaire
Harrison is a glass artist and developer of some of the first Chambong prototypes. He has been blowing the glass since a wee lad. He throws killer parties. 


The almighty mascot and logo
Champy looks cute, but he’s an ass kicker. He’s also probably drunk right now.