Q4 Status Report


The goal of the Halloween push was to reinvigorate the community to begin posting their Chambong media on social, to help an re-establish an organic conversation, lost when Randy became too busy to do it.

To do this there was a flurry of new content being pushed to all of our social Channels, and giveaways of the Chambong Lightup Stand & Minis, and reposts of user photos (contest winners)



We have produced 3 videos over the last month highlighting the launch of the Chambong Mini and Lightstand, and then a Holiday video for promotion of Chambong during the holiday gift season.

The Mini was conceptualized by Alex. The Stand video by Randy. The Holiday by Katherine. All videos were shot, produced, and edited by Katherine.


The Chambong STORE has been redesigned.

Katherine has added new product photography for every product except the Classic Chambongs (as the new packaging will be coming in shortly).

You will also see some of the products now also have accompanying videos highlighting the product.

Black Friday WEEKEND


We developed a "Drunk Internet Shopping Sale" Campaign as our version of BlackFriday/Cyber Monday. Katherine developed a media series that was used in all of the social channels, website, and emails that went out.

As you'll see from the numbers below, we had a VERY successful holiday weekend.

Holiday Weekend Sales

Thanks to a combination of contributions from our holiday campaigns, advertising, and Amazon Lightning sales an excess of $46,500 over the Holiday Weekend sales.

Lightning Deal

A large contributing factors of our Monday surge was in part to the Amazon Lightning Deals. We offered a drastic discount on the Classic Chambong ($18) and 2-pack ($27). While we lost margins on these orders, this created an inflated ranking of those products on Amazon, giving increased presence that we hope will spill over into continued sales at the higher price margin..



Revenue is currently more than 2x that of same time last year Holiday sales (Nov 1st - Nov 28th) at $97,700 vs $40,600.

Our Holiday sales goal is currently being exceeded by $26,600

Profits right now are still being calculated. A lot of projections are being offset by higher than expected shipping/import costs, along with the unexpected "Chambong Mini" tragedy costs.

You can see updated day-to-day results in the "Chambong Company Master Document" in the Holiday Goal tab.


Individual item sales will be calculated and reported in the coming weeks. Here are the current standings of product inventory though: