Chambong "Plastic" (Wholesale)

Chambong "Plastic" (Wholesale)


$35.75 (Wholesale Price)

CHAMBONG "PLASTIC" - 5 Pack Acrylic Sets

Exclusive to our wholesaler partners, a special priced Chambong "Plastic".
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Wholesale Details

  • Price: $35.75
  • MOQ: 20 units
  • MSRP: $55-60
  • $10 flat rate Standard shipping (allow 5-8 business days). 
  • For orders over 200 units please inquire via email.

Wholesale stipulations

  • Chambong sales of any sort are NOT allowed on Amazon or Ebay.

Product Details

It's the same sexy sexy shape and dimensions as the traditional Chambong, however made out of a high grade, recyclable, BPA-free acrylic plastic. Comes with 5 in a pack.

Shipping Details

Depending or order quantity, product shipment may be broken up into multiple shipments with multiple unique tracking numbers. 

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