Chambong "Plastic" - 5 Acrylic Chambongs

Chambong "Plastic" - 5 Acrylic Chambongs


We've got a short early run of these, so get them while supplies last!

Some of us can't afford to live that #ClassyAF lifestyle, so we are forced to rapidly consume our Champagne out of plastic. Don't worry though, we're only silently judging you.

What the Chambong Po'Boy Plastic lacks in rich kid appeal, it makes up for in function. This bitch is as durable as...well, a piece of plastic. It's portable and won't shatter, making it the perfect accompaniment to Pool Parties, BBQs, Beaches, Bars and just about everywhere that won't allow glass.

It's the same sexy sexy shape and dimensions as the traditional Chambong, however made out of a high grade, recyclable, BPA-free acrylic plastic. Comes with 5 in a pack (sorry, no individual or smaller quantities available -- but really, why would you want less than 5?!?).

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What people are saying / Reviews:

If you haven't got your Chambongs yet, why not ?, September 26, 2016 - Andy Hilton

Life without Chambong was, well, boring. I originally got the rather posh glass Chambongs - and my life was transformed. No longer was I the shy retiring type at parties, no, I became the ringleader of all things shamps.....but then.......along came the slightly more 'public place aware' acrylic versions (you can bounce them and they won't break ! (actually I would advise not trying that) Well I just had to get them too. First thing I did was to take them to the US Open. Sadly, I drank too much and failed miserably to get the photo that I really meant to take of Chambong at the US Open, but hey, the thought was there. These things are just an essential piece of kit for the serious champagne drinker who likes to be, er, not quite so serious. Personally I love them. I never want to be without them. I never want to be without champagne. Long live Chambong......

It's such a great conversational piece and always a huge hit with friends/family, September 26 Heather M. 

I've been a huge fan of the Chambong since it first came out! It's such a great conversational piece and always a huge hit with friends/family. I am guilty of breaking a few of the glass versions, so when the plastic 5 pack came out I was ecstatic and ordered them right away. These things are never a disappointment. Absolutely love them.