Chambong Wholesale


Wholesale Details

  • MOQ: 20 units
  • Shipping Cost dependent on weight/quantity (allow 5-8 business days). 
  • For orders over 200 units please inquire via email.

Wholesale Rules and Policy:

  • Chambong products may not for any reason may NOT be sold through or
  • All online listings must use the "Chambong" brand name in title and description, and product images must not alter actual look of product in any way.

Bars & Clubs - Offer the Chambong Experience

If you own a bar or club, Chambongs are a great way to offer a unique experience for your customers. (LEARN MORE)


If you have any further questions, please contact our wholesale team here.

Chambong 50-Pack Plastic

If you run a bar, club, restaurant, or are holding an event, then the "Chambong 50-Pack" may fit your needs. (more)